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Business Services Many well-known brands and business units around the world
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    Business Services Many well-known brands and business units around the world
    • 【云南曲靖】醫用通道防撞扶手,給醫院最好的線條美


    • 【四川成都】哪里有質量好的無障礙扶手賣?

      首先,現在質量好的無障礙扶手基本都是采用工程塑料作為外管,有抗菌功能,外觀顏色可以根據不同的地方確定,有許多顏色可以選擇,如白色、黃色、藍色等。 目前廣州勞恩公司生產的無障礙扶手質量可以滿足上述要求。

    • 【廣東佛山】無障礙扶手主要用在哪些地方你知道嗎?


    • 勞恩厚積譜新章,驚喜亮相只為您!


    +86 13679845087

    GuangZhou Lauen Products Co., LTD.

    Guangzhou Laoen Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is specialized in medical anti-collision handrails, medical resin boards, barrier-free auxiliary handrails, anti-collision corners, anti-collision wall panels, sky rail infusion racks, medical bed curtains, etc. , manufacturing, sales and installation of strength companies.

    The series of protective products produced by the company are made of high-quality aluminum alloy or stainless steel as the inner core, and the surface layer is composed of PVC panel ABS elbow. Not only the appearance is beautiful, the internal structure is exquisite and stable. It also has the advantages of wear resistance, antibacterial, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and convenient cleaning.

    Quality advantage

    Price advantage

    Service advantage

    Media advantage

    Technical advantages

    Diversified product advantages

    Raun adopts the production and operation mode of the industrial chain, which greatly reduces the production cost, that is, the product price is lower than the industry producers.

    Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system expert group's strict certification, and maintains a formalized quality management operation.

    We have a group of experienced and skilled design and technical personnel, all of whom have been working for more than 5 years. The design, R&D and manufacturing levels have always been ahead of the industry.

    Fast and flexible internal reaction mechanism and new manufacturing management operation mode, diversified product production workshop, can provide personalized products to order production, straight order.

    The marketing and operation center through strict service training, whether it is the domestic sales department or the overseas business department, can provide consultative services with professional skills from pre-sales, sales and after-sales.

    It has a large and superior network of its own media resources. The media resources cover major cities in the Pearl River Delta such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shaoguan. It is one of the most powerful outdoor media network platforms in Guangdong. The company provides customers with the best service with high-quality media planning, advanced advertising production technology, and objective advertising evaluation.

    • 如此安裝無障礙設施,你的良心不會疼嗎?


    • 不用鉆孔的吸盤式扶手千萬不要給老人使用


    • 通道防撞扶手使用久了應該如何維護和清洗?



    Business Services Many well-known brands and business units around the world
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